Our Passion and story

In the year 2020, Vision Meals was born out of a passionate desire to combat hunger among children and ignite positive change in the lives of those facing poverty. Our mission is a heartfelt commitment to mend, nurture, and uplift individuals grappling with challenging circumstances, achieved through the provision of nourishing, engaging, and educational programs and opportunities.

It was a revelation that shook us to our core: a disheartening number of children, due to the absence of parental supervision or economic hardships, were going without nutritious meals at home. In response, Vision Meals launched feeding programs that involved procuring and distributing wholesome snacks and meals to underserved children year-round. During the pandemic, we sustained these programs through the generosity of donors who rallied behind our cause.

Each of our programs is meticulously crafted to bridge the nutritional gap in underserved communities, ensuring that children receive the nourishment they need when school lets out.

Since our very first meal served in 2020, Vision Meals has proudly provided over 10,000 meals and touched the lives of more than 150 families through our feeding and educational enrichment initiatives, as well as various community support endeavors. We believe in a brighter future, one where no child goes to bed hungry and where opportunities for growth and learning are abundant. Together, let’s continue making this vision a reality.


Hope to Address Childhood Hunger

In the face of escalating unemployment and underemployment rates, the stark reality is that childhood hunger is on the rise, and this unfortunate trend shows no signs of abating. Currently, nearly one in every four children in America grapples with hunger, a harsh reality that carries enduring consequences. The scourge of hunger renders children more susceptible to illness and long-term health issues, all due to limited access to nourishing food.

Throughout the school year, many children benefit from free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch offerings through the School Breakfast and National School Lunch Programs. However, when the final school bell rings, these children still face a significant need for healthy meals. The absence of proper nutrition during after-school hours and the summer break can perpetuate a cycle of underperformance when school resumes. It is within this critical nutritional gap that Vision Meals feeding programs shine, ensuring that children have access to nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners when school is not in session.

At VFL Outreach CDC, we’ve developed feeding programs that go beyond mere intention – we take concrete action. We purchase, prepare, and distribute wholesome, full meals for dinner, along with a healthy afternoon snack, to children after school throughout the academic year. During the summer months, our commitment to alleviating childhood hunger continues through our Summer Food Service Program, where we provide complete, nourishing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to underserved children daily.

Through these programs, we are opening doors of opportunity for the youth in our communities, offering them the chance to enjoy a healthier quality of life while simultaneously reducing childhood hunger. By enhancing children’s diets and promoting healthier eating habits, our initiatives result in vibrant, energized students who are ready to make a positive impact on their world and the lives of those around them.


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